Sista Afia Slams Media and Responds to ‘Beef’ Rumors with Sister Derby

Afropop and Highlife musician Sista Afia 2 days ago, vented her anger on the media. She described the media as opportunists and blamed them for not assisting her in true times of need such as during her new releases. She also said that her recent song ‘WMT’, was just to showcase her long suppressed rap talent to Ghanaians and wasn’t a ‘diss’ to any artiste; especially Afropop musician Sista Derby. Sista Afia has created a buzz recently on entertainment platforms as some music lovers have tagged her new song ‘WMT’ as an attack on Sister Derby due to the close relationship Sista Afia has with actress Fella Makafui who married Sister Derby’s ex – lover rapper Medikal. She said this in a live video recording on social media. 

Known for singing, Sista Afia has recently shown a different side of herself as a potential rapper. But, according to the singer, her rap song has been misinterpreted by many including the media. She said, rather than focusing on this undiscovered side of her, the media is just looking for something to jump on in order to get public attention. ” WMT has got nothing to do with any of these girls that you are tagging. Why are people referring me to something else rather than focusing on my different side like rapping since they haven’t seen this side of me before? Ever since I released ‘WMT’, media houses have been calling me for interviews, but these same media houses never call me when I release any song”, she said.

Sista Afia added that she has had the talent to rap for a long time but now was the time to let it out and attacking fellow artistes was not her motivation. “I Have tried to keep quiet about this rap thing for years; I mean almost 7 years. So, I don’t understand why people are accusing me of attacking someone when I am just being creative with my lyrics. If I really wanted to ‘beef’ somebody, I would do just that because I’m not afraid of anyone”, she said. 

Finally, Sista Afia explained the meaning of the abbreviated title of her song ‘WMT’. “WMT doesn’t mean ‘your mother’s vagina’ (in Twi), even though I said ‘your mother’ at the end of the song. ‘WMT’ actually means ‘Women Must Talk’. And it’s time that we let our voices be heard because the music industry in Ghana is not what it looks like from the outside”, she explained.

By Jerry Wonder

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