Film maker Samuel Whyte Agyapong Laments Halt of Film Industry in Ghana Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The presence of the deadly Coronavirus in Ghana has indeed hit hard at film makers in Ghana. With the closure of all cinemas and a ban on large events as a measure to observe social distancing in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, film makers in Ghana have stopped all film productions and are currently in limbo as they wait hoping that the ban will be lifted. 2 days ago, Film maker Samuel Whyte Agyapong stated in an interview with Shine Publications in Accra that with the current ban in place due to the virus, film makers have been affected and are now jobless. 

A well known face behind the cameras, film maker Samuel Whyte Agyapong is no stranger when it comes to the intricacies of film production in Ghana. His recent complaint about the stagnation of the film industry in Ghana due to the Coronavirus pandemic raises an alarm of growing unemployment claims. “Yes, almost everyone in the creative arts is one way or the other affected. But since I’m a film maker, I will speak from that angle. Our job usually involves many people from the technical department like camera and lights men, and so on. And, every department plays a very vital role in the process of filming, therefore, you can’t omit or reduce the numbers in production because you might be affecting the overall efficiency of the workdone. This also means that observing social distancing is going to be very difficult. Even, after shooting, how do we premiere, and do our normal float sales? All I am saying is, looking at all these factors implies that we can’t work effectively, therefore leaving all of us jobless and unemployed temporarily. We are suffering and we pray this pandemic ends soon”, he said.

Samuel Whyte Agyapong has worked on movie productions in Ghana namely ‘Ghetto Hero’, ‘Hunters’, ‘Rain’, ‘Ama Kamboo’, ‘Trinity’, ‘Ama the Movie’, ‘Kiss My Tears’, ‘Cow & Chicken’, ‘Pieces of Me’, ‘Deranged’, and others. He has worked with well known film production companies such as Venus Films, Silverline Films, Diamond World, Diamond Pictures(Nigeria). HM films, Famous Multimedia, PDO productions, NSB Productions, and others. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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