Dj Vyrusky Shares the Secret to Being a Successful Dj

Award winning Ghanaian Dj ‘Dj Vyrusky’, has opened up to the public about being successful at the art of entertaining an audience by playing music. He explained that a Dj should be very observant of the crowd’s behaviour, listen carefully to the Dj that came before them during a show or develop a unique style of playing. He added that one can still entertain a crowd even if all the hit songs have been already played by playing the same songs with a different and unique style or mix. He said this a few days ago in a live video chat on social media from a location in Accra during a Dj discussion on how upcoming Djs can grow amid the competition.

Dj Vyrusky is one of Ghana’s most celebrated Djs with numerous awards under his belt. It is for this reason that a lot of young Djs look up to him for advice and inspiration. Recently, he took some time out of his busy schedule to share some knowledge on how a Dj can stay on top of your game via social media. “Who ever plays before you normally drops songs that gives you clues, so pay attention to what is going on because, if you are playing after someone, you become boring if you are just coming to play the same songs that the person has already played. So, you should look at what the people want, what the other Dj hasn’t played and ask yourself if it would work for the audience”, he said.

When asked by a fan during the live broadcast about what to do when the previous Dj has already played all the hit songs, he said, “songs never get finished, and that’s one thing I learnt from ‘Master J’. But, you can even play the same songs that the other Dj played and still get the crowd jumping because it is really about ‘how you play”, he explained.

Dj Vyrusky has played at a number of international events as well a top events in Ghana namely OMY Festival in Europe, ‘Party in the Park’, ‘Play Station’ in New York, ‘Afronation’ in Ghana and others. He has toured countries like Germany, Holland and Italy to name a few. He is currently a resident Dj at a local fm station and a personal Dj to one of Ghana’s biggest musicians.

By Jerry Wonder 

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