“I Wasn’t Lucky”……… Says Sista Afia

Highlife singer turned rapper Sista Afia has voiced out at critics who have attributed her rise to fame by soliciting for financial assistance from male admirers. The singer and rapper said she has single handedly paid for her expenses including music video shoots and even writes her own songs. She adds that she felt unappreciated despite her devotion to her craft. She made this revelation on a live video on Instagram from an unknown location in Ghana. 

Sista Afia is one of the few popular female musicians in Ghana who are rubbing shoulders with some of her male counterparts. In 2018, she released her debut album which received an appreciable amount of airplay. She didn’t relax there but proceeded to do a nightclub tour in Accra to promote that album. She ended it with a major outdoor concert at the Westhills Mall in Accra with a huge crowd jamming to her songs. Surprisingly, Sista Afia has stated that all these efforts came from her hard work and pocket. “I have been in this industry for 6 years and ever since, I have sponsored myself with my own money. I was never lucky to have had someone sponsor me. In fact, I right my own songs and sometimes produce them myself. But, which of the female artistes in Ghana can do that?”, she said.

Sista Afia added that it hurts to be unappreciated and described such unfounded statements from the public as unfair. “People don’t appreciate the things that I do. It’s only nonsense they are interested in, but now, I am just tired of people coming for me. And at the end of the day, no one has come forward to support me. I stay in my bed till 4am just to write songs for you guys but you still don’t appreciate the talent I have. It’s so painful”, she said.

Sista Afia is currently promoting a rap song called ‘WMT’ meaning ‘Women Must Talk’ which has received mixed reactions from the public as a rap ‘diss’ song. However, Sista Afia has stated that it was just a show of creativity and talent and wasn’t meant as a verbal attack on anyone.

By Jerry Wonder  

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