Sarkodie Answers Critics on Azonto and Hip Hop Inconsistency

Multiple award winning rap artiste Sarkodie has recently come under criticism for allegedly falling prey to the growing desire for commercial music by many. Some critics have described the rapper, though having had many successful songs, as not being true to the Hip Hop culture and is only exploiting ‘Azonto’ for its high commercial value. A few days ago in a live video chat with Nigerian rapper M.I from the United States of America, Sarkodie responded to such criticisms saying that he is aware that his true followers do not really appreciate some of these commercial music he is doing, but it is sometimes a deliberate action just to stay relevant in the music industry. He added that, despite some of these criticisms, he is remains very focused and will not be distracted by bias online publications.

Sarkodie is one of the very few Ghanaian musicians who doesn’t give much of his attention to the camera. You might be lucky to catch him for an interview at an event. Maybe this is the reason to his successful 10 year career in the music industry. He shared how he deals with such criticisms in an interview with Nigerian rapper M.I on Instagram a few days ago. “From the scratch, I developed a strategy to be able to sustain what I am doing in this industry. I really don’t care about what I read because it a about what I feel. I know some of my followers do not really like some of these commercial songs I do. However, I Have not been proven wrong for a very long time so it’s going to be hard for an article to change my view on things”, he explained.

After, he gained national attention as the fastest rapper in Ghana on very traditional Hip Hop beats. Then he went on to join the Azonto craze which later became the most popular urban music dance at that time. Sarkodie’s recent initiative to bring back the Azonto phenomenon raised an ongoing debate among critics and the media as to the relevance of the initiative and whether the rapper is just confused. Sarkodie responded saying that such claims were baseless and wouldn’t attract his attention. “Some days ago, I started with the whole ‘Bring Back Azonto’ thing, and if you really look at the songs I Have done with Azonto, they are no more than 4. But, sometimes people just want to push you on their path because they feel that this is what you are supposed to do. So, some would put out an article about you, but I personally would not even read that and take it seriously”, he said.

Fellow rapper M.I was discussing the experience of what he described as an unfair and exaggerated attack by some critics on rappers like himself. Sarkodie admitted to receiving the same reception periodically from some of his fans and critics as well. 

Last year, Sarkodie was adjudged the ‘Artiste of the Decade’ at the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for his musical consistency and relevance over the period. Sarkodie is currently in the United States of America recording new songs amid the international boarder closure and halt of all commercial flights around the world as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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