Ghana Celebrates World Dance Day 2020 on Social Media Due to Coronavirus Crisis

On the world dance calendar, 29th April marks the World Dance Day or International Dance Day, as some prefer to call it. The occasion is celebrated by dancers all around the world in honour of dance as a professional art form and for its global impact. The day is usually marked by dance classes, concerts, shows, flashmobs and what have you. But this time, activities will be limited to social media as the ban on public gatherings of large numbers remains intact in Ghana. The Chief Executive officer of Dancetera, Robert Klah, said that the ban should no prevent dancers and lovers of dance from celebrating the moment and advised them to take advantage of social media to remind the world about the importance of dance. He said this in a statement released today from Accra. 

 Since 2016, Ghana has successfully hosted the International Dance Day in Ghana (IDDiG) with Azonto as the lead dance. This has enabled participation from the international community of dance lovers who enjoy Ghana’s creative dance works within the afro pop dance world. Unlike previous years, this year’s celebration, as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, all activities will resign to the world wide web. The usual dance concert which climaxes IDDIG celebration will not hold. But the Chief Executive Officer of Dancetera, Robert Klah, said that this should not halt the celebrations. “Covid-19 may have caused the lockdown of social gatherings, but the talent and creativity of dancers remain unlocked. We are therefore reaching out to all dancers to take over social media, by showcasing the greatness of this beautiful gift of life called dance”, he explained.

To ensure Ghana’s uniqueness is duly projected, Dancetera in partnership with Dancers & DanceSport Association of Ghana (DDASPAG), has called out to all dancers and lovers of dance both home and abroad, to rally round the Azonto flag, by posting creative dance videos that highlight Azonto dance on social media.

To join in this celebration, dancers are to create a 1min Azonto dance video and upload on social media with hashtags #iddig, #azonto, #worlddanceday and tag @danceteratv for repost. Dancers are reminded to keep to the Coronavirus preventive measures prescribed by the Ghana Health Service by wearing masks at all times and practising social distancing. 

IDDiG 2020 is brought to you in partnership with DDASPAG and is powered by Dancetera. For more information kindly send mail to: or contact @DanceteraTV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By Jerry Wonder 

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