Becca to Release Feminist Album!

Ghanaian award winning singer ‘Becca’, announced some days ago in a live video interview on Instagram with British based radio that she is going to release an all girl album which was motivated by her feminist ideals. She said the album should have been released in April but was pushed back due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Becca said it was time for women to celebrate themselves and support each other. 

Singer Becca has announced that her new album soon to be released has feminist motivations. She stated this clearly during an interview  A few days ago on London based radio  ‘The Beat 103.6 Fm’. “Definitely, I am going to release an album this year and it is an all female album. What I mean is that the majority of the production is by women and only women are on every feature. This album will be a revolution. I’m talking about the worth and strength of a woman on this album. And, everybody knows me; I’m a feminist. I believe women are original. I also believe that this is the time for women to shine and be heard. So this album was me saying women are doing it big and therefore, we are celebrating ourselves because it’s about time. So, this album is dedicated to the women out there who are resilient, courageous, and also caring”, she explained. 

Becca also stated that the Coronavirus pandemic has altered her plans as well as previous dates for the release of the album. “The album was supposed to be released this April, but because of this whole Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of things have been drawn back. I was also to go on tour in the United States of America, the United kingdom and Africa; including a concert in October as well. But, we are definitely going to release this album this year”, she explained.

Finally, Becca said that women fighting each other was something she had never done and will continue to abstain from. She advised women to support each other and rise above the manipulation of some men. “There has never been a single time I have thought about destroying the career of another woman or bringing another woman down. Even though I don’t pretend, I still find a way walk away peacefully when someone is doing something I don’t like. Even though they say we women are our own enemies, I still believe that there are some women out there who genuinely want the best for others like myself. This is simply a matter of women come together to say none of these men is going to determine how we women treat  ourselves”, she explained.

By Jerry Wonder 

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