GhOne Tv Was Lucky! ……… National Film Authority Cautions!

The President of the National Film Authority of Ghana David Dontoh over the weekend revealed in an exclusive phone interview that Ghanaian owned television station ‘GhOne’ escaped sanctions for showing pornography sometime back. He stated that it was due to the lack of some technicalities that the station was not arraigned before court as their act was against the law. David Dontoh’s comment was part of a response to the question of whether the National Film Authority was indeed working as they should, and also as a part of an explanation of the need for the Classification Committee. 

After the management issued an apology for showing pornography on a programme in GhOne, some people have asked whether such an act should go without a sanction. Therefore, some stakeholders of the film industry in Ghana have questioned the importance of the National Film Authority (N.F.A) since its inception; including the coming inauguration of the Classification Committee. This triggered a response from the President of the N.F.A David Dontoh. “Actually, there was a decision that was taken by the N.F.A at a Board Meeting 2 weeks ago about GhOne’s showing of a pornographic film. But, unfortunately, the Executive Secretary of the N.F.A travelled and missed out on the time to bring it out, and so, we decided to let it pass since GhOne apologized. But, that does not mean that it is a dead case, because we will always make reference to it. So, we wish the public to know that GhOne escaped due to the lack of some technicalities and that’s why they weren’t pulled to court. No television station in Ghana has the right to show pornography and we will comment on it at the right time”, he said.

The President of the National Film Authority David Dontoh also stated that work was been done by the N.F.A even though certain challenges were slowing down the magnitude of progress of the work. “Once we were inaugurated, we were asked to work. But, since we were inaugurated, we haven’t had the compliment of any staff and so we are trying to manage until we have the compliments of a full staff in our secretariat. But notwithstanding, this does not mean that we are not doing anything. That’s even why we are inaugurating the Classification Committee in a few days time”, he explained. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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