“The Law Is The Law”…….. National Film Authority Cautions Media Companies

The Chairman of the National Film Authority David Dontoh, has cautioned media companies not to go against recommendations or conclusions on audiovisual materials such as movies, music videos, adverts and so on after judgement has been passed on such content by the Classification Committee. He said the work of the Classification Committee was mandated by law and therefore, institutions or individuals who refuse to comply would face sanctions which have been provided in the law. He said this at the inauguration of the Classification Committee in Accra yesterday. 

The Classification Committee, an arm of the National Film Authority, was inaugurated yesterday in Accra. But despite being officially recognized by the Government, some stakeholders at the ceremony expressed their concern as what would be done to people or media companies who deliberately refuse to respect and obey the conclusions of the Classification Committee on audiovisual materials. The Chairman of the National Film Authority David Dontoh, responded saying the law would take charge. “Things that are shown on television currently, which may not qualify for television and is therefore not suitable to air according to the guidelines for classification, especially on free to air television, will be taken off, and any media house that willingly goes contrary to that will also face sanctions prescribed in the law”, he said. 

The Film Development Act was passed on the 16th of December 2016 but has been lying dormant for sometime now. Until last year, on the 20th of December,  when the President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo inaugurated and swore in members of the Board of the National Film Authority to oversee the affairs of the Ghanaian film industry, there hasn’t been an official and direct representation of the Film community in government.  According to David Dontoh, work has since begun but rather covertly and will be made public in due time. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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