I am Ready for ‘Kumawood’ ….. Says International Actress and Model Haillie Sumney

Light skin French – Ghanaian beauty Haillie Sumney disclosed in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications that she thinks Ghanaians are playing down the importance of ‘Kumawood’ as an avenue to exhibit true Ghanaian culture and heritage. She said if given the chance, she would gladly accept a role in a ‘Kumawood’ movie. The actress added that though the Kumasi film industry has been more productive than the Accra film community, some actors still rated it as below the standard and this she thought was a misconception. She revealed this some days ago from an undisclosed location via telephone. 

Despite walking the runway of the highly reputable New York Fashion Week, and starring in the most recent film by legendary Ghanaian filmmaker Abdulsalam Mumuni, international model and actress Haillie Sumney desires to be part of the Kumasi movie industry popularly known as ‘Kumawood’. The actress stated that working in ‘Kumawood’ was a high calling and purpose. “I think Kumawood is a lovely way to showcase our culture and who we are as Ghanaians. So, if I was given the opportunity to do a Kumawood movie, I would do it so gladly with a big smile on my face like it’s fun and cool. Especially, being considered as a half cast or yellow girl, I think it will be more intriguing for people to see me in a Kumawood movie showing my local and cultural side”, she said.

Haillie Sumney advised that people should look at the larger picture which is projecting the Ghanaian heritage through film and stop the ‘low class’ tag of Kumawood films. “A lot of people have this perception that Kumawood is not high class, but I think the number one mistake we Ghanaians make is that we don’t patronize our culture and project our heritage. If you look at the Nigerian film industry, there are a lot of native or ‘village setting’ Nigerian movies, and yet, you will see some of the biggest Nigerian actors acting in them. But, some of the actors in Accra always want to do contemporary movies and turn down such offers which is not good “, she said. 

Haillie Sumney is one of the very few actresses based in Accra to admit the important role and lucrative nature of the kumasi film industry in recent times. She is currently working as a tv presenter at Ghanaian television channel GhOne Tv. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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