“I Have Been Paid Ghc 10 For A Movie Role Before!” …….. Says Actor John Dumelo

Actor turned politician John Dumelo stated in a dialogue with a fan in social media about passion and career choice that he has received payment for a movie role in the amount of Ghc 10  during the early days of his career, but this did not dampen his passion for acting. He added that despite his political ambition, he has not stopped acting and said that he will always be an actor. He said this yesterday from an undisclosed location in Ghana. 

Some of the most successful actors in Ghanaian cinema have stated that their rise to fame was indeed not a smooth ride, but passion served as a strong motivation in getting them into the spotlight. Actor John Dumelo joins the most recent list of such celebrities by his shocking statement of receiving Ghc 10 as payment for a role during the early days of his career. ” I remember one of my first films; I was paid just Ghc 10 back then. I could have looked at it and said Ghc 10 was nothing and forgotten about this whole acting thing for another career, but I believed everything happens for a reason and devoting passion to what you are doing is what will bring you fame”, he explained. 

John Dumelo also responded to the question of whether his political ambition,  as the parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency, has halted his career as an actor. “I haven’t stopped acting because at the end of the day, I am still an actor. Acting is like football; one day you will definitely comeback to it because it’s in you. Just like retired footballers, they are either coaching or doing something football related. And so, acting will forever be a part of me”, he said. 

Actor John Dumelo became politically active in public domain in 2016 as he publicly supported and campaigned for the then ruling political party; the National Democratic Congress. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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