Minister Barbara Oteng – Gyasi Asks the Film ‘Classification Committee’ to Work Without Bias

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Honorable Barbara Oteng – Gyasi has asked members of the newly inaugurated Film Classification Committee; a body responsible for the classification of audiovisual works for public domain, to go about their work by abiding by professional standards and ensuring their conclusions are totally free of favouritism or prejudice. She stated this on Thursday at the inauguration of the ‘Classification Committee’ at the Accra Tourism Information Centre. 

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Barbara Oteng – Gyasi, praised the formation of the Film ‘Classification Committee’ as a positive step in the progress of the film industry in Ghana. However, she cautioned them not to be bias in passing judgement on the submissions brought to them. “My expectation is that the outcome of the committee’s work would resonate with the hopes and aspirations of the Ghanaian people and our culture. In view of the importance the Ministry attaches to the work of the ‘Classification Committee’ as established by the Film Act of 2016, I expect the committee will deliver its work with technical and professional proficiency without any bias in order to ensure that the Film industry contributes effectively to job creation and economic transformation”, she said. 

Hon. Barbara Oteng – Gyasi added that she believes in the competence of the members of the Classification Committee in carrying out the job. “I strongly believe in the professional competence of the members of this committee and its Chairman who is an experienced industry player Mr. Socrates Safo; who I have also nominated to be my representative on the committee”, she said. 

The film ‘Classification Committee’ is an arm of the National Film Authority and is  mandated by the laws of Ghana to preview and classify any feature film, documentary and advertisement audiovisual material intended for public viewing for its suitability in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder 

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