Music Videos Will Also Be Screened for Classification …… Says Socrates Safo

The Chairman of the Classification Committee Socrates Safo, has stated that music videos will not be exempted from screening for classification. He said, the nature of the video would determine the time during the day for the video to be aired. He said this to answer the question about whether music videos where inclusive in the Classification Committee’s categories for submission. This statement was backed by the Chairman of the National Film Authority David Dontoh, who added that artistes have a responsibility in projecting positivity through their creative work. They both said this at the inauguration of the Classification Committee on Thursday in Accra. 

According to the Chairman of the National Film Authority David Dontoh, music videos fall under the category of advertisement in the constitution and therefore must be classified as such works. The newly appointed Chairman of the Classification Committee Socrates Safo explained what the committee will be looking at in the classification process. “With a music video, based on the content and the lyrics, we will determine the time that it will be shown. Just like the adverts, there are certain adverts that will not be shown in the afternoon but rather late in the night. However, we are not going to tell you what to film, but whatever you bring to us, we will determine the time for it to be aired based in the content”, he explained. 

The Chairman of the National Film Authority David Dontoh advised stakeholders of the Creative Arts audiovisual section to be responsible in their creations. “The artiste has equal responsibility, as any other citizen, to bring positive consciousness to his or her creative handiwork that gives pleasant identity and is of relevance to their society”, he said.

In order not to confuse the documented proof of classifications of the categories of audiovisual materials such as feature film, adverts, documentaries and so on, the Classification Committee created certificates of different colours for each of the unique categories. Applicants for classification are expected to apply early as results can only be available 21 days after submission to the Classification Committee. 

By Jerry Wonder

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