Media is Refusing to learn from the Past By Giving Attention to Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia ‘Cat Fight’.

As if the gun incident with musicians Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale was not a warning of how a little mishandled competition could degenerate into a nearly bloody day with dignitaries and guests running for the lives, the Ghanaian media has again unconsciously started fuelling a growing concern which began as a lyrical challenge for supremacy between two rap musicians Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia and is now a physical assault game. 

Recently, the two female rappers Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia met at the premises of local television station Tv3 for an interview but ended up nearly scratching off each other’s face at the car park area if it wasn’t for the intervention of some people present at the seen. 

But, the truly unfortunate act was not the scuffle, which was captured by what appeared to be a phone, but its airing on Tv3 as an ‘entertainment news item’. This was replicated on social media and soon went viral. But, this is the same television station that dismissed a tv presenter for misrepresenting the brand on social media; an issue which sparked debates. After that dismissal, Tv3 raised the question of the importance of high moral standards and corporate image. Now, the showing of the incident between the two musicians which happened on their premises raises eyebrows on why both ladies where on the same compound at the same time looking at the relationship between them, why was Tv3 quick to show the video especially knowing that this will only escalate matters in the public eye and may even create misconceptions about both artistes, and whether Tv3 deliberately engineered the incident or just supported it in a way to gain exclusives on an issue of interest in the entertainment fraternity? 

Some people and fans of both artistes have been drawn into the excitement and have stated that it’s just entertainment and a good way to while away boredom. But, this particular ‘beef’ between both acts has stood out as slightly differently due to the physical attack which took place on the premises of Tv3. 

But even if this is just for hype, can’t these musicians plan with their management to come out with innovative promotional strategies other than tension filled concepts which are likely to mislead upcoming musicians and the public?

However, the question remains whether the media are truly interested in supporting our musicians or just feeding off them like a blood sucking parasite? Musician Sista Afia, in a recent instagram video lamented about how she never received support from any media house especially whenever she had a music project or new single to promote. She said she had to spend from her own pocket in most cases.

The media, despite having the right to bring information that is in public interest to the light, also have a silent responsibility as gatekeepers to protect the public from unwholesome material and assist in shaping the mindset and perceptions of people in the society. This is like feeding a baby with the hopes of growing into a healthy adult. So, anytime we are enticed with such temporary excitement that will not help our society, before we film with our smart phones, before we post on social media, before we run to share the news to a friend, let us ask ourselves a conscious and a patriotic question……what are we promoting?

By Jerry Wonder (Editor’s Desk)

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