Fashion is My Alternative Career …… Says Darko Vibes

Ghanaian Afropop sensation ‘Darko Vibes’ stated that he has always had a passion for fashion and despite his growing fame in the music industry, fashion has never left his heart. He added that if he were to quit music, he would immediately go straight into fashion as his career. He stated this in a live video interview with GQ magazine South Africa quite recently. 

When asked by the Online Editor of GQ magazine South Africa what he would do as a career if he wasn’t producing music, Afropop singer Darko Vibes  said that fashion is his other option for a career. “I would be following fashion till death. I love fabrics, clothes and sheets. In fact, I was a stylist before the music popped up for me because that’s another thing that I’m really passionate about”, he said.

Explaining his fashion sense, he said it was somewhat psychological for him. “Movies and animations inspire my fashion sense. I wake up everyday with different feelings. For instance, I could wake up feeling like a coach or Van Helsing and so I would dress like them irrespective of the weather; because that’s how I feel today. So for me, clothing is all about character, confidence and mainly how I feel”, he explained.

The singer added that though his mood determined what he wore, he loved vintage clothing, sports wears and classic suits and ties. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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