Funding For Movies in Ghana Has Always Been From Private Pockets! …….Says Actress Kafui Danku

Actress and Film Producer Kafui Danku yesterday in a live video session of the online series ‘Saving the Arts’, emphasized that funding movie productions in Ghana is and has always been from the pockets of private individuals. She added that though acquiring financial support from such affluent people was not easy to come by, taking loans to produce movies was more risky and suggested self financing especially for first time filmmakers. Her suggestion was considered timely by the online audience especially as the Government of Ghana has quite recently instituted loan facilities for stakeholders of the Creative Arts Industry. She stated this from an undisclosed location outside Africa.

Actress, Author and Film Producer Kafui Danku has clearly stated that without support from private affluent individuals, the film industry in Ghana would not survive. She said this during the live broadcast of the third episode of online series ‘Saving the Arts’. “Movie funding in Ghana has always been from people’s pockets. This means that the film industry in Ghana is in people’s pockets. Because getting sponsorship for a movie production is difficult, you have to take out your own money to produce your own film”, she explained.

When asked about the option of obtaining loans from banks she said it was dicey. “It’s risky. But, personally, I haven’t done that before. It has even been difficult breaking even with our own money. But, your money is yours. So, even if you loose it, you will cry a bit and bounce back. But, if you go for a bank loan, you can be in trouble; I mean, what if you don’t make the money back? You can then loose everything”, she said.

Kafui Danku also described having a sustainable career as a movie producer in Ghana as very tough. “It’s been extremely challenging. For instance, Ghanaian filmmaker Abdulsalam Mumuni of Venus Films does not solely rely on filmmaking as a business. So, to sustain a career as a film producer in Ghana means that you have to be versatile. Also, we have always had distribution challenges. For instance, Silverbird is the only cinema operator we have now, so your money generating avenues are limited. As a matter of fact, I think almost every actor or filmmaker in Ghana is doing something else beside just film”, she said.

Kafui Danku was a recipient of the City People’s Awards in Nigeria in 2014 For the Best Supporting Actress and has received numerous nominations afterwards. She also produced movies ‘I Do’ and ‘Happy Death Day’ which both set high standards at their premieres in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder

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