Ghc 90,000 Is The Least That I Have Spent On A Movie …… Says Actress and Film Producer Kafui Danku

Popular Ghanaian actress, author and movie producer Kafui Danku recently stated that it was impossible to produce a good movie with ‘A- list’ Ghanaian actors, industry standard equipment and screenplay with Ghc 20,000. She explained that the aforementioned amount would not be adequate to sustain such a professional production; even minus promotional costs. She added that the least amount she shas ever spent on a movie production was slightly above Ghc 90,000. She made this revelation during a dialogue about funding for movies in a live video interview on the ‘Saving the Arts’ Online Series from a location outside Ghana. 

City People award winner  Actress Kafui Danku recently argued that film making was indeed an expensive business and a lot of money was needed to produce industry standard movies. “It is expensive. Imagine bringing your own money to promote people that you don’t even know whether they will be able to draw crowds for you to get your money back. And, using Ghc 20,000 as the total for a film production budget is not possible. In fact, the lowest budget I have shot a movie with was close to over Ghc 90,000. That was even years ago when the Cedi wasn’t weak, so you can imagine the worth of what we put in to making the film”, she said.

Actress Kafui Danku added that other factors inflated the budget apart from the cast, the equipment and the production crew. She said it was equally important to have a good story and screenplay to complement the illustration of the story. She mentioned that such works from experienced professionals with a proven track record did not come cheap.

Actress Kafui Danku is also known for filling cinemas in Ghana especially for her unprecedented success for her films ‘I Do’ and ‘Happy Death Day’.

By Jerry Wonder

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