Kobi Rana Explains Why ‘Thank You To My Ex’ Song Was Personal

Ghanaian multi – talented filmmaker Kobi Rana, stated that his recent viral song ‘Thank You To My Ex’ was motivated by personal experiences from both his love life and work as a filmmaker. The filmmaker and musician said that this was a thank you note to every challenge he faced as they had contributed to his current success. Kobi Rana’s inspiration for the hit single has been on the discussion table ever since the release of the song, as he is one of the very few celebrities in Ghana who openly talks about his romantic relationships. He stated this in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications from Accra. 

Filmmaker, musician and dancer Kobi Rana’s pop single ‘Thank You To My Ex’, is receiving attention from a lot of foreign nationals across the globe namely India, Europe, South Africa and Egypt, as mostly women, sing along the song in recorded videos and share on social media. The viral song has given the music career of Kobi Rana a boost and he expressed his gratitude to all the obstacles and setbacks that pushed him to achieve this. “Yes, I have had personal experiences over the years including bad breakups with people. But, not all were romantic relationships. Some were work related where some people felt I couldn’t make it without their support in this industry. So, I am just saying thank you to them because now, I am stronger without them”, he said.

When asked whether he thought the success of the song and it’s international attention online was due to the use of the English language for the lyrics, Kobi Rana agreed that understanding the meaning of the song is what did the trick. “Most people are singing it easily in other countries like Belgium, Spain, Italy and so on, because it’s in English. Even though the second verse of the song is in ‘Twi’, I am 100% sure that people are singing it abroad because of its English  lyrics”, he said.

Kobi Rana also stated that his next single was due this month and that it was part of a story he was telling. “My Next song is called ‘I Have A Crush On You’ and is coming out this month; from my ex-lover to my crush. We are telling a story on this upcoming album which we will give details later. The album will also go with a dance movie”, he said. 

The official music video for the hit single ‘Thank You To My Ex’ is scheduled for it release in a few days. 

By Jerry Wonder

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