FiCAG Gets New Office and Advocates For Support For the National Film Authority

The Film Crew Association of Ghana (FiCAG) which is a body of professionals skilled in various aspects of film production in Ghana, has obtained an office in Accra. The National President of FiCAG Samuel Gyandoh said that this would allow for proper administration of the association. He thanked the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for giving them the office space. Samuel Gyandoh also called on members of the various Film related associations and guilds to support the National Film Authority in executing its duties as this was a collective effort of all and not of some. He said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications on Wednesday. 

The President of the Film Crew Association of Ghana (FiCAG) Samuel Gyandoh, has expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture for allocating an office space to the association. “The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture has been so good to FiCAG and we are extremely grateful. Currently, the Ministry has been able to acquire an office for FiCAG of which we will make an official statement by the end of next week. The office was officially handed to us on Wednesday and is located inside the ‘Ghana House’ building at Accra Central”, he said.

Samuel Gyandoh stated that despite the devastating impact the Coronavirus currently had on the film community in Ghana, this was not the time to sit and apportion blame, but rather a time to rebuild as one family. He therefore, called on all film related groups and stakeholders to support the National Film Authority in carrying out its duties. “Let us not leave the work to the various associations or its leaders alone, because leaders are there to serve, so if they don’t get the support of the people, we all won’t get to our desired destination. Therefore, this is the time to come together to rebuild the industry. So, let us not place all the work on the National Film Authority, because the strength of the N.F.A is the various associations and guilds that make up the body. Remember, the Board of the N.F.A comprises representatives of the various film related associations and guilds. So, this should tell you that there is no N.F.A without us”, he emphasized. 

Finally, the President of FiCAG Samuel Gyandoh stated that recent times due to the Coronavirus crisis, has placed very unfavourable challenges on members of the association. However, he was grateful to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and other individuals for supporting the association in their time of need. ” It is still difficult for a lot of our members since very few filmmakers are producing movies these days. Also, FiCAG was at the foundation stage as part of our rebranding exercise which took off last year, and so we haven’t yet gotten to the point where we can fully support our members. However, FiCAG managed to lobby for support from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts an Culture and some individuals like actors John Dumelo and Gloria Sarfo,  for some relief items such as bags of rice, oil and other items for our members during these difficult times”, he said. 
By Jerry Wonder  

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