Classification Committee Begins Receiving Submissions From 15th June 2020

After its successful inauguration last month, the Film Classification Committee of Ghana, a body charged with the responsibility of screening audiovisual content before being presented to the public with the main aim of allocating appropriate viewing times based on the nature of the content, has revealed that it will officially begin receiving audiovisual works from the public and media houses on 15th June 2020. The Chairman of the committee filmmaker Socrates Safo, disclosed this yesterday in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications from Accra and added that this would bring some sanity and order to viewers in Ghana. 

The Chairman of the Classification Committee Socrates Safo has stated that as part of the work of the Classification Committee to assess audiovisual works for public consumption, which will commence on 15th June 2020, materials for submission will also include already running television programmes; both local and international content from Soaps to other series. “People can start bringing their works from the 15th of June for screening to our office at the Accra Tourism Information Centre. This includes television programmes that are  already on air”, he said.

When asked whether an already running television programme which the Classification Committee felt needed to be rescheduled to a new showing time due to the nature of its content was a possibility, he said the media company or producer would have to abide by the ruling of the committee since it was guided by the constitution. “When such a situation happens, we will all have to comply because that is the law. And, this also tells us the extent to which we have been polluting our airwaves for all this while, because a lot of parents have been complaining about the materials we have  been exposing to the wrong audience due to the absence of regulations”, he explained.

He added that an official statement from the Classification Committee would regards to the commencement of the screening of such works would be soon made.

Finally, he stated that on the 1st of July 2020, every audiovisual material on television in Ghana would have been screened, and Ghanaians would enjoy a much organized and sanitized television viewing. 

The Classification Committee is an arm of the National Film Authority which is a body responsible for the development of Film in Ghana and recognized by the constitution of Ghana.
By Jerry Wonder

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