Rabby Bray Talks About Sex Roles And Making Films For A Target Market

Ghanaian actress and film producer Rabby Bray during the 5th episode of the ‘Saving the Arts’ online series, stated that failure is inevitable for a filmmaker whenever the film is produced without a clearly and well defined target market. She also debunked the perception that sex and other onscreen sexual acts is a necessary ingredient for a successful movie. She said this during the live broadcasted interview last Friday from Accra.

The reigning ‘Best Actress’ as adjudged by the Kaduna International Film Festival Rabby Bray, said there is absolutely nothing like ‘everybody’ when it comes to marketing and producing films. “That’s crazy. I’m a professional sales and marketing executive with 10 years professional experience. I have worked with both local and multinational companies and now I work with the leading Real Estate development company in Ghana; Devtraco Plus. But, in my line of business, I have never heard of a target audience that includes ‘everybody’. In film, when everybody becomes your target audience, that’s when you fail”, she said.

The actress explained that even though there is the perception that a wider reach would guarantee a larger profit margin, she said it was far safer and practical to target a particular group based on their interest or connection to the story of the movie. “From my little experience, I know there are niche markets for every story. So, a story which may not be good for a particular audience, might be excellent for another. So, as a producer, you need to first identify your target audience, what you are trying to preach to them, and execute it very well”, she explained. 

Finally when asked how she responds to sex or sensual roles in movies and whether she thought it was a necessary ingredient for a successful film, she disagreed but with one condition. ” I disagree with that perception because there are so many marvelous movies that have done well in cinemas. Just like my next movie ‘ Drops of Happiness’ which also does not have a single kissing scene in it, but it will still keep you glued from beginning till end. So, even though we agree that sex sells, you still need to target your market in line with what you stand for”, she explained.

By Jerry Wonder 

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