Golden Tulip Hotel Reopens in Accra with Strict Covid – 19 Safety Measures

On Tuesday 16th June 2020, the General Manager of the Golden Tulip Hotel Nicolas Froger, announced at a media briefing in Accra, that the management of the hotel had now instituted standard safety measures against the spread of the Coronavirus within the facility and therefore is ready for business.

While briefing the media, the General Manager Nicolas Froger, assured the public that their safety with regards to the Coronavirus was guaranteed. “Today, we open this hotel after almost 3 months of closure due to the Covid – 19 pandemic and the lockdown of the city. But, be rest assured that safety protocols have been put in place for you”, he said.

The Marketing and Sales Manager Joseph Annan Sackey explained why the timing for the reopening. “Considering the pandemic, it was about the safety of our clients and not about loosing out on business. So we closed down, we analysed and looked at measures that could be put in place to ensure the safety of our clients. And now, we have come up with a procedure which we are at least 98% sure that all clientele would be safe from Covid – 19, hence our reason for reopening”, he explained. 

The Marketing and Sales Manager Joseph Annan Sackey added that apart from heavily discounted prices for services at the Golden Tulip Hotel and uniquely created packages, such as wedding dressing rooms and so on, the management had put in place adequate measures against the spread of the Coronavirus. “We have safety protocols that all guests must observe. Even if you have your own face mask, after sanitizing your hands at the entrance, we will give you a new face mask to use. Also, in the restaurants, we still observe such precautionary measures; we even have face masks in our rooms as well”, he said.

The Golden Tulip Hotel has put in place strict anti – Coronavirus policies for both staff and guests. Some of which are avenues to disinfect used pens at front desks with clearly labelled cups, demarcated floors with arrows to show directions in order to prevent people from running into each other. Also, were noticeable drawings and pictorial signs at strategic spots to map out spacing between guests at ‘point of sales’ and swimming areas as an enforcement of social distancing practices.
By Jerry Wonder

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