Stonebwoy Blasts Media in Ghana for Pampering Kelvynboy’s Disrespectful Attitude On Live Television.

Yesterday, on new entertainment television talk show series ‘United Showbiz’ hosted by Actress Nana Ama McBrown, multiple award winning artiste Stonebwoy strongly cautioned popular entertainment journalist and pundit Arnold Baidoo about being naeve about the truth. He added that the media in Ghana were refusing to address the issue of disloyalty and respect with regards to the sour relationship between him and his former protoge Kelvynboy. Stonebwoy stated that the media chose hype over what was relevant.

At 11: 20pm, as the on review began generating steam when the issue between Stonebwoy and his former protoge Kelvynboy was been discussed, Stonebwoy blamed his former label mate for being ungrateful and disrespectful, but said it his unfortunate behaviour was being echoed by the media for hype. “Don’t try to push this so that we hang in a certain space. let’s all be leaders to the youth in this industry. I will never stand on any platform to disrespect Samini. It’s this kind of attitude and pampering that has allowed the musicians to be disrespectful.

When Ghanaian entertainment journalist Arnold Baidoo stated that some of the beefing was for attention and hype and therfore contributed to entertainment, Stonebwoy cautioned him not to be a  “hypocrite”. At 11:30pm, Stonebwoy asked Arnold to end the conversation on the topic in a commanding tone. 

Later, Arnold Baidoo argued from an objective perspective that though the attacker at an earlier event in Ashaiman where Kelvynboy performed, was stated not to have been ever hired by Stonebwoy in a press release after the incident, he had been seen by many to be in the company of Stonebwoy numerous times. Stonebwoy nearly became furious and brought the conversation to an end. ” So what’s does that incenuate? ….Am I involved or not? ….So, that’s it keep it there!”. 

Stonebwoy added that he was fully concentrating on his career and didn’t have any time for such things. ” Let’s keep the story short; i built all of them…..This is not a competition because I am focused on what’s ahead of me; that’s all I care about”, he said. 

Finally, Stonebwoy appealed to the media to focus on achievable goals rather than empty and temporary hype. “I think we should be more agenda driven than trend driven because trends have a short life span and Ghana is just a small point in the global music industry, and so we need to look at the bigger picture” he explained.

By Jerry Wonder 

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