Using New Faces In Films Is Still Not Cheap! ….. Says Filmmaker Joseph Clef Aboah

Award winning Film Director and Producer Joseph Clef Aboah some days ago, explained that there was no cutting corners with budgets for film production even for films with absolutely new faces. The young but vibrant filmmaker’s comment comes at a very important time when the debate on the sustenance of the Ghana Film Industry, through practical means, is on the rise. He stated this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications in Tema on the set on his new web series ‘Momo Joint’.

Known in the film community in Ghana for using new faces in major film productions since 2015, Film Director and Producer Joseph Clef Aboah said his total budget for his new web series, despite using a non – celebrity cast, was still quite high. “People think business wise, it is far less expensive or even cheap to use new faces in films, but it is not always so. Even my new web series ‘Momo Joint’ which features totally new faces, cost us a total of Ghc 23,505 just for 8 episodes each lasting  a maximum of 10 minutes. But, some people are using the same amount of money to shoot feature films. So, it’s simply a question of quality and not necessarily about the faces in the film”, he explained.

Joseph Clef Aboah also responded to the question of his choice of young upcoming actors over main acts. “I choose to use the youth because I believe the younger ones are the future. So, if we are not investing in the youth, then what are we doing?”, he explained. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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