Local Content Committee for Film and Television Inaugurated In Accra

Yesterday in Accra at the Accra Tourist Information Centre, a new committee under the National Film
Authority (N.F.A) has been inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Barbara Oteng
– Gyasi, to ensure and oversee the continuous production of Ghanaian content for film and television.
The main aim of the ‘Local Content Committee’ is to make sure that there is adequate Ghanaian content
on local television and also in films in Ghana. The Minister stated that this policy will help grow
investments in the film and television sector and simultaneously bring relevant and quality viewing
materials to Ghanaians. The appointed Chairman of the ‘Local Content Committee’ Samuel Atta Mensah
said that the committee will work with stakeholders to ensure progress.
The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Barbara Oteng – Gyasi said that the local content policy
will legally back a healthy percentage of Ghanaian content on television stations in Ghana which would
be beneficial to Ghanaians. “ The Local Content Policy is a policy that will put into law, the guidelines for
a minimum requirement of Ghanaian produced content on our televisions. The policy will ensure that
Ghanaian producers and broadcasters work together to bring quality television programmes as the
Ghanaian people demand”, she said.
Hon. Barbara Oteng – Gyasi added that this policy will also boost investment in the sector. “The local
content policy will also help drive investment into the sector and bring the much needed foreign
exchange, create jobs and grow the sector to compete on the international scene”, she said.
Finally, she expressed her confidence in the skills of Ghanaian filmmakers to deliver quality and up to
standard materials. “It is also important to recognize that Ghanaian content makers have the have the
training and the capacity to deliver. The National Film and Television Institute has over 40 years,
produced trained persons ready to step up to the challenge when given the right investments; and this is
what the local policy will do”, she said.
The newly appointed Chairman for the ‘Local Content Committee’ Samuel Atta Mensah said the
members of the committee were up to the task. “Everyone you see here has an enormous experience in
their own way and represent the good people of Ghana in certain aspects. And so, we will put ourselves
together and take a cue from stakeholders and hopefully we will be able to make progress”, he said.

The Local Content Committee members:
Samuel Atta Mensah (Chairman)
David Dontoh – (Chairman – National Film Authority)
Nii Addokwei Moffatt (National Media Commission)
Ernest Boateng (Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association)

Peter Sedufia (Film Producer)
James Aboagye (Film Producer)
Mike Amon – Kwafo (Creative Consultant & Former Head of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation)

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