Stop Portraying Us As Evil In Movies! ……. Traditionalist Complains to Ghanaian Filmmakers

A Ghanaian traditionalist of the Ga ethnic group called Numo Blafo III, yesterday at the inauguration of
the ‘Local Content Committee’ at the Accra Tourist Information Centre, complained about the way
filmmakers misrepresented Traditional Religion. He said Traditional Religion has benefitted those who
believe in it and should therefore, be given the respect that it deserves. He appealed to filmmakers
present at the event to endeavor to change the false perception about Traditional Religion through film.
Numo Blafo III chastised people who secretly practiced Traditional Religion especially in their time of
need, but disassociated themselves with it in public. He said this is because of the false perception being
portrayed in movies about Traditional Religion. “Most of the films we watch, the Traditional Religion is
always portrayed in bad light; it is always associated with evil and a pastor is made to correct it. But, our
tradition has helped people who believe in them. For example, during the elections period, you will find
all sorts of politicians visiting the shrines to seek blessings. But, when they finally get to the Parliament
House, they say they are Christians or Muslims; none say I am a Traditionalist”, he said.
Numo Blafo III statement was appreciated by most of the guest at the event and well received by the
high table. His statement, was also supported by another guest who further emphasized on the need for
Ghanaian filmmakers to showcase the true story of the Ghanaian culture in order to inculcate the pride
of being Ghanaian in young Ghanaians.

By Jerry Wonder

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