Filmmaker Ivan Quarshigah Offers Solutions to the Ailing Ghana Film Industry

The producer of hit Ghanaian television series ‘Yolo’ and a well known face in the film and advertising community in Ghana Ivan Quarshigah, has stated that the only sure way of moving the Ghana film industry forward is by making available to the public accurate and properly  documented evidence on the returns of investment on films in Ghana. He said this would attract investors hence, there will be no need for funding from Government. He was expressing his opinion on the matter of funding for film producers in order to ensure a higher percentage of Ghanaian content on television during the inauguration of the ‘Local Content Committee’ on Wednesday 8th July 2020 in Accra.

Ivan Quarshigah has stated that the problem of funding for film in Ghana has remained because everyone is not tackling the issue from the right angle. “I think we should now start looking at the problem from the end; how do you make the money when you make the film? If we can solve the problem on the ‘return on investment’ by stating on paper how the money is going to be made with a time factor which includes trackable exhibitions and others, I bet you, the banks will be begging us to come for money to produce films”, he said.

Ivan Quarshigah added that the Ghana film industry can be made more lucrative by certain interventions for stakeholders as well as be made more profitable by leveraging on new media. “So, we should look at how we can enable return on investment, the modern technologies that are available to us, ways through which filmmaking can be made profitable such as tax wavers for the film industry, and then, we would not even need funding from the government”, he said.

Ivan Quarshigah also warned that failure to do this would keep the film industry in a cycle of complaints with recurrences of the same problems. “If we do not attack our problem from this angle, and continue to expect money from the Government, it won’t come. Even, when your are given that money, you won’t be able to get it back in order to enable another film producer access the funds. Therefore, one or two people will be able to make a film and that would be the end of that funding programme”, he explained.

By Jerry Wonder 

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