Government Agencies Should Assist In Investment Hunt For Film ….. Says Prof. Esi Sutherland

Renowned Ghanaian writer and Human Rights activists Prof. Esi Sutherland has appealed to the Government of Ghana to join in the campaign to attract investors to the film industry in Ghana. She said that it was not enough for Government to set up structures and bodies to overseer the needs of the industry without making film a major point when soliciting for  investments by government agencies. She said this at the inauguration of the ‘Local Content Committee’ for film and television at the Accra Tourist Centre in Accra on Wednesday. 

Prof. Esi Sutherland has advised the  Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Ghana Hon. Barbara Oteng – Gyasi, to endeavour to get the message of the need for finding investment as a collective effort of Government agencies and stakeholders of the film industry, to the right channels in order to guarantee results. “We have been around long enough to realise how we set up these bodies and don’t give them the clout to be able to make an impact. For example, it should be possible for the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to be directed by policy to look for funding for the film industry. In other words, making arts and culture the focal point for the policy on trade and investment in Ghana. So, the Minister of Tourism needs to ensure that we are reaching the right ears and getting them to act on the advice that is given”, she said. 

Prof. Esi Sutherland warned that failure to involve Government agencies into the investment campaign would leave the problem without any solution. “If we don’t get that kind of linkage within the system, we will be talking to each other and therefore, not be able to make any difference”, she said.

Prof. Esi Sutherland is the daughter of renowned but late Ghanaian writer Efua Sutherland. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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