‘Till Sunset’ Webseries Grabs Distribution Deal In South Africa!

The Director and Producer of Ghanaian webseries ‘Till Sunset’ Joseph Clef Aboah, today stated in a phone interview from his residence in Tema that season one of ‘Till Sunset’ series has been accepted by South African film company ‘Gravel Road’. He expressed his excitement about the deal and described it as a motivation for him and his team. Jospeh Clef Aboah also stated that he would commence filming season two of the series in August and will be available to the public in December this year. 

Ghanaian filmmaker Joseph Clef Aboah has stated that his contract signing with South African Film Company ‘Gravel Road’ has indeed given him a sense of pride and focus in his career. “The feeling is very great because ‘Gravel Road’ doesn’t just accept anything. So, when ‘Till Sunset’ was accepted by them, we were all excited because, it made us feel that we are doing something good. I have already signed a contract for 13 episodes with them and this will introduce the series to a larger audience because  ‘Gravel Road’ operates the biggest video – on – demand platform in South Africa with affiliates such as telecommunications giant MTN and others. As we speak, they are working on the materials and will alert me when they are ready to begin showing”, he said.

The graduate from the National Film and Television Institute also spoke about his other projects in the pipeline. “Till Sunset’ season 2 will begin filming in August and will be on mainstream television by December. We are having discussions with TV3 Ghana; they have already shown interest in the first season but couldn’t use it because the episodes were not long enough for television. I also have a 40 minutes film called ‘Triangle’ which I will be producing this year just to tell people that my feature film is coming and let them have a feel of what it will be like”, he said. 
Last year, Joseph Clef Aboah made history at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra with the maiden season of ‘Till Sunset’ series as the first ever webseries to be premiered at the Silverbird cinemas. The series had a cast of absolutely new faces yet managed to pull an impressive audience to the premiere at the Silverbird cinemas at the Accra Mall.
By Jerry Wonder 

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