F.i.C.A.G Cleans Up Old Register

A few hours ago, in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications, the President of the Film Crew Association of Ghana (F.i.C.A.G) Samuel Gyandoh, stated that F.i.C.A.G is undertaking a nationwide membership renewal campaign. He said that it was necessary for every member of the association to renew their membership as this would help in the administration of the association. 

The President of the Film Crew Association of Ghana (F.i.C.A.G) Samuel Gyandoh, has stated that every member of the Film Crew Association of Ghana (F.i.C.A.G) should endeavour to renew their membership by obtaining the new membership identity card. “The clean up exercise of our ‘members register’ is to help the association have accurate and up-to-date records of our current members. This will allow us to properly run the association and also know our members. Therefore, every member of F.i.C.A.G should do well to renew their membership as this will help all of us move forward”, he said. 

Samuel Gyandoh added that after renewal, every member who obtained the new identity card would be automatically registered in an online database linked to the official website of the association. He said this would also help sell the various services and skills of the members to the public. “After a member has renewed his or her membership, their details which include jobs done, skills, training or education and so on, would also be added to our online register which will be displayed on our website and can be accessed by the public. This is to help project our members to potential customers in Ghana and around the world”, he explained.

Last year, F.i.C.A.G underwent a rebranding exercise and obtained a new logo, an interactive website and other structural changes. The call for a nationwide membership renewal was made by the Greater – Accra Regional Executive body and has been endorsed by the National Executives of the association.

By Jerry Wonder 

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