Ghana Needs Our Own Streaming Platform; Especially For Movies…….. Says Diana Hopeson

Ghanaian Gospel musician Diana Hopeson, today in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications, stated that it was necessary for Ghana as a nation to develop her own streaming platform in order to realize benefits from the revenue generated by the music and movie industry. She cautioned that failure to do so, but rather leaving the task to private individuals, would only hinder the realization of such huge profits and the  proper functioning of the aforementioned areas in the new virtual world. She added that the world was now transitioning into a fully functional virtual platform facilitated by the internet, hence would be prudent to act quickly in order not be left out. 

Ghanaian Gospel singer Diana Hopeson has stated that the creative industry, especially in the areas of music and movies, needs intervention from the Government. She explained that only the Government could acquired the needed investments needed to transform the industry. “The Creative Arts industry is a capital intensive industry, so for major investments for the industry to move forward, we require the Government to intervene. This cannot be left to private people because we don’t even have enough of them with the needed capital. So, it is important for the Government to look for investments for us, so that the basic capital that is needed to move the industry forward is acquired”, she explained.

Diana Hopeson also mentioned that one area that should also be looked at is the movies. “And, one of this investments’ initiative is for Ghana to acquire a streaming platform for the movie industry”, she said. 
 She added that the task to inject significant investments into the creative industry would indeed benefit the entire nation in the long run if added to the national agenda. “If we live this task in the hands of private individuals, the desired breakthrough will take a longer time to be realized, because such loans are difficult to come by. But, if government can add this to some of the investments they get money for and put these investments in the arts, it would benefit the whole country”, she said.
By Jerry Wonder 

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