N.A.F.T.I Level 100 Student To Release New TV Series ‘Dada Bees’ This August 2020

A level 100 student at the National Film and Television Institute of Ghana Godzy Kojo Annan, is set to release his very own created brand new television series ‘Dada Bees’ next month. Godzy Kojo Annan in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications over the weekend, said that  the series was created from his personal experiences growing up as a youngster in a middle class society. The dramatic comedy also features some well known faces like actress and social media personality Rosemond Brown and others. 

Godzy Kojo Annan opened up to Shine Publications about his personal life and its connection to his new series ‘Dada Bees’. “I created the story from my personal experiences growing up in Nigeria. I wanted to showcase what it is to live in an estate with some elite people and averagely rich people; and also coexisting with foreign cultures”, he said.

He further described what viewers will see in the ‘Dada Bees’ television series”It is a story that involves both Ghanaian and Nigerian characters portrayed by talented Ghanaian and Nigerian actors. This series will showcase the lifestyle of the both the elite and middle class in the society and how they live with themselves; including their dating culture and other social activities. The series will also touch on the aspect of sexually transmitted diseases and the intrusion of foreigners into the Ghanaian space”, he said.

The ‘Dada Bees’ television series will be shown on a local television station. The producer and creator of the series Godzy Kojo Annan, said that he was also in discussions with some online movie streaming platforms in Nigeria for distribution agreement.

‘Dada Bees’ also features the likes of actress Jessica Williams, Alex Lee, and some of the contestants fr the hit tv reality series on Tv3 Ghana ‘Date Rush’.

Godzy Kojo Annan has close to 6 years experience in the advertising industry as a Casting Director and model agent. His passion for film productions pushed him  to embark on a professional journey to become a film director, hence his enrollment in to the National Film and Television Institute in Accra in pursuit of a Degree in Film Directing. 
By Jerry Wonder 

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