Focus On Selling Ghana To Ghana First …… Says Juliet Asante to Ghanaian Filmmakers

The Executive Secretary of the National Film Authority (N.F.A) Juliet Asante has advised Ghanaian filmmakers to first target the Ghanaian market before looking outside the country especially in the pursuit for high profits from sales of their works. She said it was her uttermost belief that Ghana has what it takes to succeed internally; despite the obvious challenges faced in the film industry. She was speaking at the first virtual seminar organized by the National Film Authority for a ‘Pitch Series’ initiative for filmmakers in Ghana which was in partnership with ‘Multichoice Ghana’ and the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre on Wednesday 22nd July 2020. 

Despite highlighting the need for foreign investment as a catalyst for the quick development of the Ghana film industry, the Executive Secretary of the National Film Authority Juliet Asante, said that Ghanaian filmmakers had the obligation to first sell Ghanaian content to Ghanaians before looking at the broader scope. “Most importantly, even as we package ourselves to go internationally, from the level of creativity to the level of investors, first of all, let’s look internally in Ghana to see what we can do together, before West Africa, then the rest of Africa, and later we think about the world”,she said.

Juliet Asante added that focusing on selling Ghana to Ghanaians should be one of the major motivations in any efforts made by Ghanaian filmmakers. “Let’s keep in mind that Africans need to sell to Africans first, and after we have done that, selling to the rest is just a matter of cause. This should be one of the things that underline whatever efforts we are looking into because really we have what it takes to succeed internally”, she said.
The debate of funding for filmmakers in Ghana has been going on for a while. Despite the establishment of a Ghc 10,000,000 loan facility at EximBank Ghana by the Government, filmmakers still cry for financial assistance. Hence, the birth of the ‘Pitch Series’ equip filmmakers with the proper presentation skills to help them sell their ideas to potential investors. 

By Jerry Wonder

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