‘We Need To Bring Back Cinemas’….. Says Managing Director of ‘Multichoice Ghana’ Cecil Sunkwa – Mills

Media giant ‘Multichoice’ has added their voice to the ongoing campaign to reopen cinemas in Ghana. The call was made by the Managing Director of ‘Multichoice Ghana’ Cecil Sunkwa – Mills on Wednesday 22nd July 2020 during a virtual seminar organized by the National Film Authority on pitching film projects. He said it was imperative that the Government revisited the decision to indefinitely close cinemas due to the Coronavirus crisis in Ghana as the cinemas were a significant contributor to the livelihood of filmmakers in Ghana.

The Managing Director of ‘Mulitchoice Ghana’ Cecil Sunkwa – Mills, has stated that cinemas formed a major part of revenue generators for content producers and so should be reopened, but with safety measures in place to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. “I know there’s Covid – 19, but I think we need to bring Cinemas back; with some hand sanitizers and so on. Cinemas provide the first revenue for filmmakers, and it is also very easy to protect the content shown. It allows the film producers to break even or at least generate some revenue. Imagine if we had at least 2 cinemas in every region in Ghana. I also think we need a policy to facilitate it’s implementation”, he said.

Since the Coronavirus crisis became present in Ghana, cinemas have been shut down indefinitely as a directive from the President. Despite lifting the ban on some social establishments like Churches and others, cinemas remain indefinitely closed till date.

By Jerry Wonder 

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