Reggie Rockstone To Launch ‘Waakye In A Jar’ on August 3rd 2020.

The founder of Hiplife music and Hip Hop pioneer Reggie Rockstone, over the weekend announced that he would be officially launching his concept of ‘Waakye’ in jars in Accra on 3rd August this year. He explained that jars were better options to plastic bags and packages as they helped reduced poor sanitation which is a major problem in Ghana. He said this in a radio interview with Africa Global Radio.

Legendary Ghanaian music icon Reggie Rockstone has explained why he chose to put ‘Waakye’ in jars for sale and announced that his concept of ‘Waakye in a Jar’ will be officially outdoored on the 3rd of August. “I don’t do regular stuff; I am innovative. We have been dealing with packs and choking our gutters and this is terrible. I live in East Cantonments and anytime it rains, my house gets flooded. This it’s the same plastic which we throw away that’s causing this. So, we need to think and become more eco – friendly and that’s why we came up with this idea. So, we are launching this on the 3rd of August, but if you want your regular packs, it’s still available”, he said. 

Addressing the issue of plastic packaging, Reggie Rockstone said the jar is a better option. “In these times of the Coronavirus, the jar is your safest bet because it can be sanitized and the food is also kept hot for a longer period ; about 36 hours in a controlled environment. Plus, a jar is just another medium which is no different from your plate”, he said.

The music icon and entrepreneur stunned a lot of people in Ghana when he started focusing on the food business. But, his brand has grown impressively and is now been described the as Ghana’s answer to international food brands like MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. 
By Jerry Wonder 

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