Film Distribution Is Best In the Hands of Private Entities And Not the Government …… Says Yoofi Grant

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (G.I.P.C) Yoofi Grant, said that the Government of Ghana could assist in creating a platform to help sell Ghanaian movies, however, the actual facilitation and execution was better managed by private entities rather than the Government. He said this in response to a question about creating a national online streaming platform for Ghanaian films at the online ‘pitch series’ conference organized by the National Film Authority last week Wednesday. 

Addressing a question on whether Government could set up a national film distribution online platform for Ghanaian films, the Chief Executive Officer advised that the private sector was the best to manage such an initiative. “I think we are so used to centralized things, so sometimes, we don’t see the opportunity in the value chain. Infact, the Government doesn’t have to do anything. So, someone may see it as a business opportunity and take it up. Even though, the Government may decide how we can also create a platform to elevate movies to the Africa continent, bare in mind that the actual facilitation and execution, better lies in the private sector; than having the Government take control. Because then, you will find gagging and censorship and all these things coming; we don’t want that”, he said.

The conversation has been going on for a while about the need to have a Ghanaian owned and sustainable online streaming platform for films to help conserve and maximize gains from Ghanaian works both locally and internationally. Earlier, the Head of the Creative Arts Council of Ghana Mark Okraku Mantey, stated that plans were underway to help digitize the Ghanaian creative front to help practitioners reach a wider audience. 

By Jerry Wonder  

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