New Movie ‘Drug On The Train’ To Begin Filming This August

The Producer and Director of a new humanitarian film ‘Drug On The Train’ Divine Jones, popularly known as Major Vine, in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications some days ago, stated that the movie will commence filming in the latter weeks of August. He said that it was his main goal to show a true picture of the effects of drug abuse to the public in order to discourage the practice and deter others from partaking in it. He said this after the script conference for the movie in Accra. 

Ghanaian filmmaker, who is also the writer for the movie ‘Drug on the Train’, Divine Jones, explained why it was necessary for a movie on drug abuse to be told from the Ghanaian perspective. “I actually understand the situation of ‘Drug Abuse’ in the society; as well as drug addiction and trafficking, and Ghana is no exception when it comes to these. Being a humanitarian filmmaker, and after conducting an extensive research in the matter in Ghana, which included meetings with the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana, I felt it was necessary for us to talk about a story that people can relate to in Ghana. So, after a successful script conference with the team, we are ready to start shooting in thw latter part of August this year”, he said. 

Also the Director of the movie ‘Drug on the Train’, Divine Jones explained the need for the story of the effects of drug abuse to be put on film and not just left as imaginative narrations. “If you look at the youth who endulge in drug abuse, it suggests that people need to see visuals of the effects of drug abuse, because sometimes, when you are being told about the dangers of these drugs, you may think they are exaggerations. So, seeing them would make you wakeup”, he said. 

Divine Jones graduated from the National Film and Television Institute in Ghana and furthered his studies in film in Germany. He has also studied Philosophy and lectured in Theatre Arts at the ‘GH Media School’ in Ghana. 
He remains passionate about the progress of the society and this influences his line of work. He has also  won awards for some of his earlier works namely ‘The Slave King’ and ‘Baabani’. He has also produced other short movies  like ‘SIN’, ‘My Name Is Michael’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Hello’, and many others. 
By Jerry Wonder

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