Professional Nurse Joins Cast of New TV Series Amid Coronavirus Scare

29 year old professional Nurse at Mamprobi Polyclinic by name Judith Kudjoe, has signed up to feature as a major character in the new television series ‘The Addisons’. She stated that she wasn’t afraid of contracting the Coronavirus despite the inevitable nature of human to human interaction on the film set. She said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications some days ago in Accra. 

Judith Kudjoe has stated that she believes that the Coronavirus is here to stay and so Ghanaians should not panic but stick to adhering to the safety precautionary measures in order to avoid contamination. She said that this is the reason for her willingness to join the cast for filming ; even in the face of a killer diseases. “I’m not really scared; infact, I am excited to be on set. I think the Coronavirus has come to stay as part of us, so the only thing we need to do in order to survive, is to adhere to the safety precautionary measures like wearing out masks and so on, and I think we will be fine. As for the crew on set, I think we would just have to take adequate amounts of Vitamin C, steam inhalation, and any other available practice that can help and we will be ok”, she explained.

Speaking on her careers, she said, “It’s a little bit challenging merging both careers, however, I can’t choose between them because I love both equally”. 

Judith Kudjoe has featured in 3 television series in previous years namely ‘Sadia’, ‘Jollof’ and ‘Hidden City’. She later took a break to study Nursing as a profession and has now returned to continue her acting career.

By Jerry Wonder 

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