Actress Rabby Bray Begins ‘All Female’ Acting Television Show

Ghanaian Actress and Film Producer Rabby Bray, has commenced her reality television show for upcoming actresses in Ghana dubbed ‘Rabby’s Starlets’. After calling for submissions from potential actresses 2 weeks ago, 8 finalists were shortlisted and have been moved to a mansion at a secret location in Accra. According to the Actress, activities have commenced and will be scored periodically by a panel of guest judges. In an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications,  she said that her main motivation was to raise a league to talented actress in Ghana.

After picking up the award for the Best Actress at the Kaduna International Film Festival quite recently, Actress Rabby Bray has refused to slow down amid the plunge of the film industry in Ghana; as a result of the presence of the Coronavirus. But, the Actress has disclosed that her new television programme ‘Rabby’s Starlets’ is not mainly motivated by generating revenue, but by the need to assist upcoming talented actresses in Ghana. “I want to build a set of strong , determined and emotionally intelligent actresses for the next generation and not just make money”, she said. 

The Actress stated that the time frame for the 8 contestants to stay in the reality house will be a little under a month. She said that in – house activities range from mini  competitions, lessons on finance, law, mental health, and so on. 

The 8 finalists who made it into the reality show were Rosalinda linda Oppong, Portia Adenyo, Angela Naa Lamley, Fafa Millicent Nutifafa, Nana  Ofusu-Kwakye, Afima Kpodo, Ruth Nutifafa and Sheriden Hayford.

‘Rabby’s Starlets’ will be shown at a later date on a selected television station. According to Rabby Bray, the television show will give a boost to the casting area, as well as the development and sustenance of the flow of acting talents in the Film industry in Ghana. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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