Social Media Entertainment Awards 2020 to Honor Shatta Wale as the ‘Father of Virtual Concerts’ in Ghana

The Founder and organizer of the Social Media Entertainment Awards Kofi Mulan, stated in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications that Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale deserves to be recognized for initiating the virtual concerts trend in Ghana. He said it was a bold step and also an expensive one too; especially for someone coming from a country that rarely celebrates innovation and novelties. He said this a few days ago   in a phone interview from Accra.

According to the Founder of the annual Social Media Entertainment Awards Kofi Mulan, Shatta Wale’s bold and quite innovative step to host the first ever virtual musical concert during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic in Accra, was not just bold and innovative, but was also a good example to the youth. “Shatta Wale’s ‘Faith Concert’s was a very bold step. What I personally admire is the fact that he used his own money and talent to innovate, bring education on the Coronavirus to many, and also entertain in a period of growing panic. This is killing multiple birds with one stone; a lesson of corporate social responsibility and relevance to the youth of Ghana and therefore, must be acknowledged. He showed us the power of social media if used properly. We will therefore, honor him with a special award for this act come October at the Social Media Entertainment Awards”, he said.

Shatta Wale was the first Ghanaian musician to organize a virtual concert with standard lighting and logistics for an outdoor musical concert in Ghana. Others have followed in his foot steps including the recently held ‘Black Love’ virtual concert by award winning musician Sarkodie. And with the current enforcement on social distancing still in place, many musicians in Ghana are considering virtual concerts as an option for revenue generation.

By Jerry Wonder 

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