Rapper ‘D Cryme’ Gets New Babe in ‘The Addisons’ Television Series

Ghanaian musician ‘D Cryme’ has been assigned a new on screen girlfriend as a result of his role in the upcoming television series ‘The Addisons’. The rapper said that there is a relationship between his character in the TV series and himself in real life and asked his fans to anticipate something unusual but exciting. He also explained why he accepted to be part of the TV series saying he had high expectations because of the Film Director Kyei Baffuor. He stated this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications some days ago in Accra.

Even though production hasn’t yet began, Rapper ‘D Cryme’ and his on screen girlfriend played by actress Judith Kudjoe, are already getting on well. Some weeks ago at the introductory meeting with the cast, the two were seen hugging and sharing pleasantries. When asked about their roles in the film Judith Kudjoe said she was excited about her character. As for Rapper ‘D Cryme’, he promised viewers a ‘never before seen’ side of himself in the upcoming Tv series ‘The Addisons’. “Definitely there is some relation between myself and the character I portray in the series. But, the things that are going to come out are not just going to be the regular ‘D Cryme”, he said. 

Finally, ‘D Cryme’ explained why he accepted the role in the upcoming Tv series. “I’m about perfection, creativity and uniqueness. Director Kyei Baffour is an alien because he thinks outside the box; even outside this world. And so when he puts something together, you need to expect something great. Plus, I love challenging things”, he said.

‘The Addisons’ TV series is scheduled to show on local television in December this year. The cast include other well known favourites like  actors Peter Ritchie, Toosweet Annan, and more. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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