V.G.M.A 2020 Will Bring Back Excitement to the Entertainment Industry

This year’s V.G.M.A will be the perfect recipe for an industry that has been severly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the presence of this killer disease in Ghana, all major entertainment activities and events ticked on the annual entertainment calendar, have come to a halt. All but one…. Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. 

With a line up or argueably the most talked about names in entertainment in Ghana during 2019 with evidential records to back it, fans across the globe are in for 2 days of excitement. 

Another fact is, in the absence of such major entertainment programmes, cheap and irrelevant conversations and debates on matters which will not help in projecting the positivity and relevance of the Ghanaian entertainment industry,  have taken the center table of our regular entertainment programmes; from television to radio, and even street gossip. 

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards therefore comes as a breath of fresh air to resume the conversation on the development and projection of Ghanaian music in Ghana and to the world respectively. 
Also, with the repeat of a specially created concert to encourage Frontline health workers who are risking it all to ensure the safety of the public, this year’s V.G.M.A can be described as the complete package; as it not only seeks to entertain, but honor selflessness and dedication to the progress of our society. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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