Actress Rabby Bray Camps Starlets In Mansion In Accra!

Ghanaian actress Rabby Bray has acquired a mansion in Accra to be used as residence for 8 final contestants of her new ‘ladies only’ reality TV show. The actress is currently filming the reality TV show and hopes to air it later on television. The 8 ladies auditioned last month via video for a chance to win desirable prizes including a car. According to actress Rabby Bray, all 8 contestants will be put through a series of drills to help them become professional actresses and at the same time potential brand ambassadors for corporate entities. She stated this in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications earlier this week. 

Actress Rabby Bray intends making her reality TV show the best platform for female grooming with regards to acting, therefore, she believes glamour and luxury must be a part of the process in order to give the contestants a clear picture and full experience of the reality of Showbiz. “I want my girls to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. But, at the same time, I want them to learn relevant skills such as proper communication and presentation techniques in order to equip them as ‘marketable products’ in Showbiz. Rabby’s Starlets is the complete package of true showbiz”, she said. 

The Rabby’s Starlets house is not just big in size, but also delivers luxurious  services such as specially prepared intercontinental and local meals around the clock, assorted bottles of wine for the contestants, fully air conditioned rooms for the ladies and more. According to one of the contestants, it is paradise on earth. 

‘Rabby’s Starlets’ reality TV show is part of the actress’s  efforts to encourage upcoming actresses  in Ghana to strive for excellence while adhering to high professional and moral standards in ‘showbizness’. Rabby Bray has been a youth activist and spokesperson for female empowerment and youth entrepreneurship. In 2018, she won the Best Actress of the Year at the Kaduna International Film Festival in Nigeria. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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