Ghana Dj Awards 2020 To Honor ‘Lockdown’ Disk Jockey

The Founder of the Ghana Dj Awards Merqury Quaye, yesterday in an exclusive online interview with Shine Publications, stated that this year, the annual Disk Jockeys award scheme would honor one exceptional Disk Jockey who entertained Ghanaians during the curfew in parts of Ghana this year as a result of the Presidential order towards the fight against the spread of Covid – 19.

Responding to nomination challenges which the Ghana Dj Awards is likely to face this year, such the category ‘Event Dj of the Year’, the Founder of the event Merqury Quaye, admitted that such as challenge was real due the cancellation of numerous events in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. However, he added that the situation has also given rise to a special category called the ‘Lockdown Dj of the Year’ award. “After deliberating, the Board came to a consensus to add a special category called Lockdown DJ Award to recognize the most outstanding DJ who entertained Ghanaian audiences during the lockdown”, he said.

Merqury Quaye added that the inclusion of this new category was in no way an abuse of the scheme , but was facilitated by the administrative authority of the Board of the Ghana Dj Awards. “The board oversees the categorization of the awards scheme, nominations and advises the organizers on technical aspects of the event. In categories like the Lifetime Achievement Award, the board, in consultation with associates and the Academy, chooses a deserving DJ who has over 10 years experience in the industry and has made significant contributions to the development of the DJ culture in Ghana”, he explained.

By Jerry Wonder 

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