Awards’ Ceremonies and Events ‘Flood’ The Last Quarter Of The Year In Ghana

Despite 2020 being a very unpredictable year characterized by devastating impacts to the global economy, the entertainment industry in Ghana is displaying a rather ironic response to an  industry that was severely hit by the presence of the Coronavirus. Award ceremonies and events of that nature, are resuming in full force; even new ones have joined the band wagon. After a brief survey by our in – house team, it was concluded that 2 major reasons were the cause of this: the Coronavirus crisis and a new profitable voting system. 

The Coronavirus indeed halted all activities in the entertainment industry in Ghana for a while. Some major annual events on the entertainment calendar in Ghana were cancelled; such as the 3Music Awards, Ghana Meets Naija Concert, and so on. Even, the most patronized and ever popular Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was delayed for months until October before it took off. So, some event organizers are saying that the lift on the ban for events without very large crowds, which was earlier instituted by the President of Ghana due to the Coronavirus, has contributed to the sudden rush. 

The organizer of the Social Media Entertainment Awards Kofi Milan, in an earlier discussion stated that some of these events were already booked to happened from as early as January 2020 with money and resources already invested. Therefore, such events could not be cancelled. “I have already ordered my plaques from China of which some have been embossed with the year on them so how do I present a 2020 award in 2021?”, he said. 

Another factor that was discovered as a contributor to the awards craze was the advent of a profitable voting system for  event organizers. Though, this technology has been around for some time now, it has become very attractive to event organizers recently due to the testimonies of huge successes from fellow event organizers. So, in spite of the health threats and complexity of organizing an event in this ‘new normal’ Covid – 19 era, even new award schemes  are springing up. Some of them are the ‘Emerging Entertainers Awards’, the Ghana Media Students Awards and the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’. These events are without sponsorship but have a significant following of patrons. Both have also initiated voting campaigns with digital flyers for every nominee to help them in soliciting for votes. 

When we caught up with the organizer for the Ghana Media Students Awards Raymond Kombat, an event which was organized some weeks ago, he explained that he financed the event mainly from the money he made from the votes. He added that despite not making any profits due to unforseen expenses, as a passionate filmmaker and media stakeholder, he was glad to see young talents in the media recognized for their hard work.

Some of the events scheduled to take off in the last quarter include the Ghana Arts and Culture Awards, Ghana Movie Awards, Ghana Tertiary Awards, RTP Awards, Ghana Models Awards, Youth Choice Awards, Ghana Youth and Fashion Awards, Volta Youth Awards, Ghana Students Awards, and others.

The number of awards schemes in the last quarter of the year is a good sign of the entertainment industry and social life  getting back on its feet. However, we hope that the motivations remain within the purpose for which the event was created and the underlining objectives.
By Jerry Wonder

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