Nina’s Mahogany Movie Will Revive ‘True Love’ Stories!

Nina’s Mahogany is a tale of romance and desire in a modern setting. The story has been carefully crafted to illustrate the true nature and openness of two lovers. Right from casting, actors Habiba Sinare and Anthony Woode were paired not just for their good acting skills, but also for the undeniable personal chemistry they both share; even off screen. This will be Ghana’s response to the Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Twilight’. 

Another reason why Nina’s Mahogany will be an unforgettable romantic story is because of the lead actor Habiba Sinare. Known in real life as a quiet and reserved lady, the Egyptian – Ghanaian beauty’s humility and reception to fans has won her the hearts of many. She is the embodiment of a princess without a  crown and this image would woo the audience into falling in love with her character and therefore, increasing the credibility of the movie.

As for our male lead Anthony Woode, his deep voice, thick beard and quite muscular physique, is a perfect depiction of a modern day African ‘Prince charming’.   Already a ladies man, passionate kisses and warm hugs will definitely not be a problem for him on screen.

Nina’s Mahogany tells the story of a successful young lady, Nina, caught in an entanglement with a handsome man. And when his true self begins to unravel, it dawns on her that she knows nothing about him. She looses everything and herself, almost to the point of death.

Nina’s Mahogany is a captivating tale of love and drama in the modern world which many young ladies can relate too. It will bring to life some of your romantic fantasies as well as the painful realities that we sometimes encounter when someone is so in love.

By Jerry Wonder 

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