Miss Malaika Ghana 2020 Comes Off Successfully with Intense Intellectual Competition …… Editor’s Desk

Beauty pageants are no strangers to intellectual display, but Miss Malaika Ghana 2020 top finalists took it a step further by boldly ‘battling’ in front of a live audience with well researched presentations, eloquence, and intelligence; and what appeared to be calculated gestures and body language. 

The top 3 winners couldn’t be more deserving as they had the most attentive messages namely: Jasmine who spoke passionately about rape and the need for victims to break the silence, Olga who spoke about Genotype and the importance of understanding your genes and sickle cells before marriage, and Franklina who have a futuristic warning on the growing pollution by improper dumping and usage of plastic waste in Ghana. Each message appeared to have been carefully chosen as they were not far at all from the truth and the status quo in Ghana. 

One of the most memorable time of the event which exuded loud applause from the audience was when one of the finalists was asked by the judges if indeed women were their own  enemies as the saying goes? She responded without hesitation explaining that she had equally see men fight men, and so this was a human thing and not a woman thing. The seconds she took to quickly respond to the spontaneous question was impressive. 

Another finalist highlighted the silent fact the Ghana is ranked number one when it comes to the number of women owned businesses in the world ; making an impressive 46%. She fused this in her presentation to emphasize on the power of the Ghanaian female entrepreneur.

At the end of the presentations, even the audience could predict who had won the competition; it was so obvious. And their predictions came right; at least majority. Therefore, I must commend the judging panel for such a fair judgement. 

The three queens are definitely full of intelligence, talent, charisma and confidence and blessed with beauty. They  indeed represent the true meaning of a beauty queen and the ideal Ghanaian lady of the 21st century.

By Jerry Wonder

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