Multiple Grammy Award Nominee ‘Vasti’ Cautions About Using Versatility as a Style of Music !

In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications over the weekend in Accra, multiple Grammy award nominee ‘Vasti’ stated  that it was not advisable for artistes to use versatility as a style of music. He explained that even though he thought artistes who fused multiple music genres  were exhibiting the highest  form of musical creativity, he said using versatility as a style of music can be confusing to the fans. 

American composer, instrumentalist and vocalist ‘Vasti’ has cautioned against musicians who call their music versatile. “If you are versatile, the music you make will reveal that. Versatility is not a style of music, so I think just to use terms in that manner can be very confusing”, he said.

He added that musicians can state the genres of music they do in order to give accurate information to their fans; even if they specialize in more than one genre. “Just say what you like stating what kind of artiste you are like AfroPop, Country and Western artiste, Reggae Gospel artiste, etc. By doing that , you have at least described to the people something that you can do. But, just to state that I am versatile means nothing”, he explained.

Finally, he described musicians who fused multiple music genres as masters of  art. “More power to them. Art belongs to them”, he added. 

Vasti is in Ghana for a seminar on the music business organized by the the Musicians  Union  of Ghana and the management of ‘Taste of  Africa’ in collaboration with the Creative Arts Council of Ghana.   

By Jerry Wonder

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