Singer Raquel Disqualified from Golden Movie Awards Africa 2020 !

The Board and Grand Jury of the Golden Movie Awards Africa (G.M.A.A) have issued a statement to inform the public that the nomination of  Raquel Ammah in three categories in the 2020 edition of the awards has been revoked. The statement was made public on November 26, 2020 and signed by the Director of African Affairs of the scheme Wilhemina Adani Michaels.

Raquel Ammah was nominated in the categories ‘Actress in a Drama, ‘Most Promising Actor’, and ‘Discovery Actor’ all for a  film she starred in called “Gold Coast Lounge”; which was submitted for possible nominations. 

According to the publication, the decision to revoke her nominations was prompted by a number of reasons, which clearly violate the rules of the scheme. “The use of unprofessional language in her correspondence with the G.M.A.A team, the use of defamatory language that seems to suggest that the G.M.A.A is not a credible awards scheme, thus bringing the scheme’s image into disrepute. Disrespecting the Grand Jury, which is made up of men and women of high repute and disrespecting the entire African film industry”, the statement read.

Based on this revocation, Raquel Ammah was adjudged as not eligible for any Golden Movie Awards Africa nomination for the next two years.

The Director and Executive Producer of the film, Mr. Pascal Aka has been duly informed about the revocation. However, all other nominations for “Gold Coast Lounge” remain valid.

The public has been therefore advised to disregard any publication or promotional material that acknowledges Raquel Ammah as a nominee of the 2020 edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa.

The Golden Movie Awards Africa is a credible merit based scheme that has for the past five years awarded deserving actors and film makers across Africa solely based on the decision of the Grand Jury, without any external influence whatsoever, and will continue to do same.

By Jerry Wonder   

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