‘The Fisherman’s Diary’ Wins Overall ‘Movie of the Year’ at Golden Movie Awards Africa 2020

Cameroonian filmmaker and actor Enah Johnscott, has received the overall award at the annual Golden Movie Awards Africa  for the ‘Best Movie of the Year’ for his film ‘The Fisherman’s Diary’. He expressed his appreciation towards the awards scheme and said it was a great honour done him and his team. He said that after being presented the award at the event on Saturday 19th December at the Fantasy Dome in Accra. 

Actor and filmmaker Enah Johnscott had some emotional but inspirational words after receiving the overall award for the night. “We shot this film in the middle of a crisis, and we are here today to advocate for them, to tell them that there is light at the end of the tunnel, to tell them that Cameroon, is here to stay as a country forever”, he said. 

Enah Johnscott also praised the organizers of the event and Ghanaian hospitality. “I didn’t come here for anything else. I came here to celebrate Africa. To the organizers, what you are doing for Africa is amazing, and we from Cameroon appreciate and love you. So, after I came to Ghana on 4th December, I went back to tell my colleagues that I will go back to Ghana because Ghana is my second home”, he said.

The movie ‘The Fisherman’s Diary’ picked up the highest number of awards for the night including the ‘Discovery of the year’ award which was won by a child actor Faith Fidel.
By Jerry Wonder 

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